NFL Integrity

This week I was able to watch an excerpt from CNN that surrounded the continuing controversy around the NFL, Rogger Goodell (Commissioner of the NFL), and the patriots with “deflategate”. Over the past year the NFL has been dealing with major issues related to domestic violence and the continuing troubles of older players suing the NFL for injuries caused by playing. Rogger Goodell has taken a lot of heat for the way he has handled these controversies, although a lot of people are asking for his resignation, yet the NFL and its owners have not done a thing about it. The deflategate situation is also something that Goodell has taken heat for. I agree with the media, something has to be done with the Patriots organization for cheating, and something has to be done about Rogger Goodell and his “reign of terror”. I agree with the NFL owners in respect that he has made the NFL an insane amount of money, but when does money come before what is just. What’s just is that Rogger Goodell has to meet the day that he must answer for all of his wrongdoings in the sport surrounding the leagues image. Anyone else can make the NFL this kind of money for the simple fact that it is the NFL! It has been growing in revenue over the past 10 years and there is no sign of slowing down in the future. The Video also mentions Marshawn Lynch and his latest antics with the media, I am personally tired of how much attention this story is getting and how many arguments I have gotten in to over him. It should be his choice whether to talk to the media if he wants and no one should give him attention if he won’t talk! All of this attention has just brought so much “hype” to the upcoming superb owl, and should be amazing to watch.