Aaron Hernandez, athlete or murderer? The potential of athletes wasted.

Aaron Hernandez was a former NFL football player who played for the New England Patriots. He was an amazing talent and was a rising star headed to the top. Unfortunately in 2013 it all went down hill, he was accused of murder, he lost his job as a player, was embarrassed, and had embarrassed the patriots and the NFL. With this certain story they are talking about the evidence that has been provided against Hernandez, it is extremely unfortunate that Aaron Hernandez has messed up his life when he had so much potential. Transitioning from Aaron Hernandez but that is the problem with athletes all over the NFL, NBA, and MLB, they all have great talents, but when they are young and handed a million dollar contract, some tend to spend money on things that are completely unnecessary and gets them in trouble. When athletes are young prospects coming out of college with all kinds of talent and potential, they are not fully developed, or they haven’t received the right amount of financial literacy to help them maintain there money. A lot of them also get into bad things likes drugs and alcohol, freedom with money and the youth do not mix well with some. Examples like Josh Gordon and Justin Blackmon, two outstanding Wide receivers, who are young and talented, both have been kicked out of the NFL for something as small as smoking weed. Young talent is wasted all the time with stupid extracurricular activities. It needs to be fixed, if I am a manager of a team I don’t want to waste my money on immature players. True


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