North Korea “cutting edge” missille, future plans?

Early reports from today have shown that North Korea has developed a new cutting edge missile that has the capability to take out anyone who tries to come on the shores of the North Korea. This video means more than just Korea building a new missile that can take out a fleet of ships on their cost, it shows that Korea is preparing for something greater,or at least trying to. Over the past couple years, tensions between North Korea and the US have been stirring for a while. With the recent problems surrounding these two countries, it seems slowly but quietly both are preparing for something more. Although Korea threats the US over the latest movie that came out “The Interview”, North Korea has no real potential to actually reach the US. North Korea is 1 of the 2 last standing dictatorships left on the earth, they believe in imperialism and their leader Kim Jong Un is looked at as a God who is destined to put North Korea on top of the world one day. With building this missile Korea is one step closer to reaching their dream and attempting to “take over the world”. Although North Korea has little influence over the world as of right now, they are determined to gain more support from surrounding countries and try to lead a war against the rest of the world. By making this move and creating this missile Korea yet again shows the world what they are trying to accomplish, the real question is, what are we going to do about it? As of right now there isn’t much we can do since we are trying to avoid war, but if Korea keeps advancing in technology, there is no telling what the future may intake.

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