Bullying in America

When viewing the news this week a story came across that really drew my attention. The story was about a middle school cheerleader who has downs syndrome. This really caught my eye because I do not condone bullying in any way, especially when it involves people who have mental/physical disability. This story explains how 3 courageous basketball players stopped playing in the middle of their game and asked the ignorant fan who was taunting the girl to please leave the game. I highly applaud this, by doing this it shows that there are kids who are not by-standards anymore. These kids showed a lot of courage and it really showed on there character how they put something they love (basketball) aside and focused on something more important. Bullying is unacceptable and we as a society must find a way to put a stop to it. Unfortunately this is something that happens a lot within America, bullying has always been an issue widely talked about around the country. There have been many movements to try and put an end to bullying i.e. school programs, PSA’s, etc. With these movements America has seen much improvement with bullying, although it still remains, at least we are trying to solve this massive problem. Bullying tkes a large toll on kids, being at such a delicate stage in their lives, bullying can make a child with great potential lose confidence in himself and find reasons to not be the person he/she is. Although bullying will always be a problem, we can never accept it, and must always put forth an effort to stop it.


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