Homosexuality in America

Homosexuality in America is more of a recent issue that has been debated since the mid to late 1900’s all the way up to now. Unfortunately things like homosexuality, bi-sexuality, trans-genderism, etc. weren’t really accepted in American culture until more recently. Due to this lack of acceptance it has been a continued issue through the past few decades. The video is based on “conversion therapy” this is a therapy session that people go to who are homosexual. Therapists actually try and convert them from homosexuals to straight. The fact that something like this even exists is unbelievable, but unfortunately that is how society looks at things ike homosexuality. Society says that it is something that can be changed, but what people don’t realize is that people are just born that way and it is our job as a society to accept them for who they are. It looks like President Obama is trying to change this, it is reported that the he along with congress wants to ban these “conversion therapy” sessions across the country. By doing this it ultimately shows that the government wants to see change and they are actually doing something about it!  Over the years homosexuality is a lot more common than it used to be, this shows growth within our society and the many strides that have been taken to try and shift the public opinion. Although there has been substantial growth, there are still plenty of degenerates in this world who will find issues about this topic to raise. It is a continued battle in this country that will hopefully be resolved in the near future!

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