Everyone can relate to these two words, Spring Break. As a student it is something that you look forward to all year. Once it comes the excitement overflows your body and you absolutely cannot wait to get out of school! How certain students choose to spend their break may differ, but one of the most popular spring break destinations is Panama City Beach. With the beautiful scenery along with an amazing beach which is located in southern Florida, Panama City is the place to be on spring break. Although this is a popular destination for students on spring break, it has not always been the safest. Reports from this year show statistics like robbery, physical assault, and even sexual assault have all doubled since 2014. Panama City has made countless efforts to try and ensure the safety of students on spring break, but to no avail. After the latest reports of “gang-raped in PCB” have come out, they are vowing to try and make Panama City a safe place. Even though there are reports that say Panama wants to take spring break visitors more harsh and serious, the truth is they can’t. PCB makes over 100 million dollars over the course of a month when spring breakers come to have fun. The local bars and restaurants economically count on the “spring break month”. The truth is that no matter how much crime and debauchery goes on in Panama City during spring break, there is nothing that anyone can do about it. Panama City Beach is not a safe place to attend while on spring break, there is to much violence, drugs, alcohol, and other mischievous activities. Unfortunately, nothing can change because of the popularity of the beach along with how much Panama relies on the income from spring breakers. #PCB2K15


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