Water Bottle

During class we discussed the different aspects of design with certain water bottles. At first I couldn’t understand why we brought in water bottles to class, and I’m sure I wasn’t the only one. I have never been asked to bring a water bottle to class for “observation” before and it just struck me as odd. But, I must say today’s class was very interesting. We took something so simple like a water bottle and associated it with various communities and interests of different people. Whether it was the logos on a bottle or the different brands of water people had, it described a lot about the person who had it. I think overall the message was that everything we own in our life describes us in some way. The way realize this is by looking at the design of the object, how it looks, how it makes us feel, and how can it relate to our everyday lives. I love thinking outside the box and looking at things differently than how they seem. Some people are too ordinary, they don’t like to look deeper or explore the meaning of small things like water bottles. We all do things for a reason, and whether that’s buying a plain water bottle from Kroger or having a recyclable bottle that has a million logos on it, it definitely says something about you.

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