Social Media

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Social media not only mandates our culture but it controls our lives as a society.We love and feed in to the social culture so much that we allow it to influence our everyday lives. As far as design goes, it is the most important thing when it comes to a good social media site. The user interface, experience, and design are what allows a social media site to run. Most social media sites, if not all choose to have a white background. This allows there to be a sense of openness and freedom when visiting the site. From your profile page to the social feed every single thing you see has been tested and approved for public eyes. Design is so crucial to a social media site because it controls the users mood, and character. In order to have a site full of people you must design it in a fun, interactive way that makes people come back to your site. Without good design to any social media site, or any site for that matter, the website is nothing more than just another page in the giant internet.


Media Impact


The University of Kentucky nike basketball draws quite  a bit of attention to it from the media. Not only are they the most televised college basketball team in the country, but they are the most talked about on all the major sport networks. The Kentucky basketball means something to a lot of people, it is what it represents. That round orange nike swooshed basketball gives people a sense of hope, which is another reason why the media loves to cover it, whether they succeed or fail. As we know media influences public opinion, when a team like Kentucky is covered so often it brings upon fans who love them and fans who hate them. Some fans love the design of the basketball while some can’t stand the look of it. (cough, cough, Louisville, cough). No matter what, the media will always cover Kentucky basketball which brings a bunch of attention the nike basketball, the school and the program.

There was a lot of things that I was able to review on this site that I have never even noticed in the actual movie. One of the cool things was color contrast, at first glance you can’t tell a difference. After looking a few times you can easily see where they make other characters lighter and the main one brighter, this is shown in the kings speech. From Sweeney Todd, the mood is consistent throughout the entire film. Keeping a sort of dull, lifeless design throughout. With Star Trek, although it is simple, having a white background could make a world of difference (literally). It allows everything from the characters to the control panels stick out. These observations will allow me to realize what works when making a movie and what doesn’t for my specific artifact. Knowing these characteristics give me better knowledge on the entire design process when it comes to the making of a film.

Story Board

I have learned a lot, both from creating my own story board and reviewing others in the class. 1st, there are A LOT of artifacts in this world. Second, I was really surprised by this, the variety of artifacts that were used was quite vast. I expected a lot of people to do something as simple as shoes, hats, etc. Although there were a few of those there were also ones like a grill, a ring, a cooler, and all sorts of cool interesting things. The most valuable lesson I have learned from reviewing other peoples storyboards is how much some of these items mean to people. It is amazing to see the sentimental meaning behind simple things like a cooler. It really goes to show how design can impact someones life in so many ways. The things we hold closest to us are the very things that describe us through its design.

Ball is Life


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Hilton Head Island is one of the most beautiful places on this earth. Last summer I was able to visit and have been in love ever since. For starters, its an Island… which is awesome. Completely surrounded by water with amazing beaches. Second, as you can tell from the picture below, it is shaped liked a foot. From a design aspect, that is really cool.

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To better explain its Genius loci, I am going to point out some of the islands amazing features.  The landmark for Hilton Head is the lighthouse, when at the top you can see the entire island. Not only is the design of this island beautiful, but the weather is such a great complement to it. Consistently 65-90 degrees year round, with 65 tending to be the low in the winter and 90 or a little above being the high in the summer. When you are there, you sense so much peace, the people are happy, things are more alive than anywhere else, and you feel a sense of belonging when you are there. Hilton head is a very special place and I plan to go back very soon!

Prown Worksheet


Description: Substance, this a samsung television. It is made up of various components like metal, glass, wires, etc. The tv is curved for a better experience for the users. Content, Within this tv, there are certain wires that make it work. In order for it to work it must be plugged in to an outlet. Form, it is rectangle shaped, and this particular tv has a curve to it.

Deduction: Sensory engagement, when one comes in contact with the tv, the fist thing they notice is visuals, how does it look, clearness, etc. Then sound. Emotional response, people tend to be happy when they see a tv because of either whats on it or how it looks. 

Speculation: Formulation of hypothesis and theories, television controls people. Not only do they control action but they control choice. Through television the media dictates what and how we think



Postcard Process

Screen Shot 2016-02-11 at 10.45.03 PM.pngThe design process took quite a while to decipher the different messages I was trying to portray with my postcard. The quote read “Occasionally we might create something so new and special that others may wish to copy what we have done”. Originally I saw this quote and was taken away by it. After thinking over all the products that relate to this quote I was overwhelmed with choices. I then realized that the choice was easy, the iPhone. Based on products that have changed the world, nothing has had quite the impact like the iPhone.  I then thought how can I portray the iPhone and give justice to the quote at the same time. It was easy, show the influence on the other phones. The quote specifically says we might create something so new that others may wish to copy what we have done. The iPhone (something new), others may wish to copy (samsung, windows, LG). This is the reason I chose the picture I did, with the iPhone in front of the others, it is a clear picture of the iPhone leading the smart phone charge while the others follow behind.

I did face a few challenges that I can grow from. This may come as surprising, but the creation of the postcard was not difficult because I have previously made one for my company. The one challenge I did face was printing out the postcard. It was extremely difficult to print. I went to the library (the Richo printing service) and every time they tried to print it, the printer got jammed. I then had to go to White Hall where the main Richo printing service is so they could print it, they had bigger printers. Not only was it difficult to print, but it also wouldn’t convert over to their computer very well because my card got distorted on their computer. After resizing everything to fit with their computer, we finally managed to print it. Unfortunately, the worker told me that he couldn’t size it correctly so he had to leave a bit of white space on the sides (this is why my card is like that). Having no other option, I took my card and accepted that I would lose a few points. That whole experience taught me patience and that sometimes things aren’t as easy as they seem.

Overall I really enjoyed the process, making the card was a lot of fun and I learned a lot in the process.