It was very interesting to see how closely related the connection between the way the media portrays offices and how they actually are. Some of the aspects that bring the similarities is the classic work week, 9-5, Monday-Friday. Everyone knows that the average work week in an office for an American is 40 hours a week and having the weekends off. The media portrays that perfectly mentioning the dreaded days and terrible traffic going home. Another way they make a connection is in 9-5, the theme song perfectly describes the “typical workers” thoughts. Saying things like “all taking and no giving” or “they just use your mind”. These thoughts are expressed through various personal blogs and interviews. The connections are so close, but the thing about media is that its just media. Americans everyday have to live this and it is very real for them.

Focus- Some of the key aspects relating to the mode: focus would be a cubicle, desk, desk chair, computer, etc. Anything that relates to allowing employees to focus on their work and get quality work done.

Collaborate- The key aspects relating to the mode: collaborate would be an enclosed room, a circular or long connecting desk, chairs surrounding the desk, a projector, white board, etc. As long as their is an efficient work place for employees to work together and come up with solutions to fix problems.

Learn- Some of the aspects relating to the mode: learn would be a white board/projector, a lot of desks and chairs, etc. These are important so that when a company is either trying to train new employees or trying to teach employees new company material, there is a space like this to do so.

Socialize- Some of the aspects relating to the mode: socialize would be a kitchen, tables and chairs spread out, a fridge, a water cooler, etc. By having these things it allows employees to take a break from work to eat, bond with co-workers, and enjoy time away from the office.

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