There are three buildings represented in the videos; Skyscaper, the airport, and the house. They inform us quite a bit about the twentieth century. Some of the characteristics that come to mind are: innovative, change, tall, extravagant, beautiful, and so much more. What these buildings tell us is that there was a lot of change. America was moving from a more rural living environment to big city urban lifestyles. Along with the economy rising, so did our egos. As the years went on the buildings got taller, people wanted to travel more often, and the houses turned in to the “suburbs”. American culture took a shift, and thanks to this change this is why American Character is the way it is today.


Screen Shot 2016-02-10 at 12.04.00 AM.png

Rupp Arena! This building not only was built in the twentieth century, but perfectly represents the American Culture (personal opinion). Not only does it host the greatest basketball tradition in college history, but it also holds thousands of concerts/events year round. The great thing is, there are tens of thousands of arenas just like this one across the country (well not quite like rupp, but we get the point). The arena movement was huge in the twentieth century as sports grew in popularity along with bands needing a place to play. This is exactly why Rupp and other arenas represent the american character.

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