Postcard Process

Screen Shot 2016-02-11 at 10.45.03 PM.pngThe design process took quite a while to decipher the different messages I was trying to portray with my postcard. The quote read “Occasionally we might create something so new and special that others may wish to copy what we have done”. Originally I saw this quote and was taken away by it. After thinking over all the products that relate to this quote I was overwhelmed with choices. I then realized that the choice was easy, the iPhone. Based on products that have changed the world, nothing has had quite the impact like the iPhone.  I then thought how can I portray the iPhone and give justice to the quote at the same time. It was easy, show the influence on the other phones. The quote specifically says we might create something so new that others may wish to copy what we have done. The iPhone (something new), others may wish to copy (samsung, windows, LG). This is the reason I chose the picture I did, with the iPhone in front of the others, it is a clear picture of the iPhone leading the smart phone charge while the others follow behind.

I did face a few challenges that I can grow from. This may come as surprising, but the creation of the postcard was not difficult because I have previously made one for my company. The one challenge I did face was printing out the postcard. It was extremely difficult to print. I went to the library (the Richo printing service) and every time they tried to print it, the printer got jammed. I then had to go to White Hall where the main Richo printing service is so they could print it, they had bigger printers. Not only was it difficult to print, but it also wouldn’t convert over to their computer very well because my card got distorted on their computer. After resizing everything to fit with their computer, we finally managed to print it. Unfortunately, the worker told me that he couldn’t size it correctly so he had to leave a bit of white space on the sides (this is why my card is like that). Having no other option, I took my card and accepted that I would lose a few points. That whole experience taught me patience and that sometimes things aren’t as easy as they seem.

Overall I really enjoyed the process, making the card was a lot of fun and I learned a lot in the process.

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