Prown Worksheet


Description: Substance, this a samsung television. It is made up of various components like metal, glass, wires, etc. The tv is curved for a better experience for the users. Content, Within this tv, there are certain wires that make it work. In order for it to work it must be plugged in to an outlet. Form, it is rectangle shaped, and this particular tv has a curve to it.

Deduction: Sensory engagement, when one comes in contact with the tv, the fist thing they notice is visuals, how does it look, clearness, etc. Then sound. Emotional response, people tend to be happy when they see a tv because of either whats on it or how it looks. 

Speculation: Formulation of hypothesis and theories, television controls people. Not only do they control action but they control choice. Through television the media dictates what and how we think



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