Social Media

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Social media not only mandates our culture but it controls our lives as a society.We love and feed in to the social culture so much that we allow it to influence our everyday lives. As far as design goes, it is the most important thing when it comes to a good social media site. The user interface, experience, and design are what allows a social media site to run. Most social media sites, if not all choose to have a white background. This allows there to be a sense of openness and freedom when visiting the site. From your profile page to the social feed every single thing you see has been tested and approved for public eyes. Design is so crucial to a social media site because it controls the users mood, and character. In order to have a site full of people you must design it in a fun, interactive way that makes people come back to your site. Without good design to any social media site, or any site for that matter, the website is nothing more than just another page in the giant internet.

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