Analysis 7+8

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For my 7th movie review I was able to watch Reba’s awesome take on infinity shoes. She did a great job hitting on every single point with extreme detail. At first I was a bit thrown off because I saw cheerleaders, and I thought to myself, this isn’t an object. But really it was a great introduction. Cheerleaders are the ones who purchase these shoes, because they are processed to weigh 3.9 oz. That is insane,  the fact that you can wear a shoe that weighs that little. She then went on to describe the business/social/cultural aspects involved with the shoes. By having these lightweight shoes so popular, this brand was able to create new product lines like backpacks. She then went on to describe how awesome of a social media game they have. With over 62 thousand followers, this is the easiest way to reach their customers, it also gives them access to a bunch of potential ones. Overall Reba killed t, she hit on all the main points and I learned a lot about infinity shoes.

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For my 8th movie reviewI was able to watch Claires awesome movie on Chicago. This was actually the second Chicago movie in our group, which is really interesting because I know a lot of people who were born in Chicago. That being said it seems like a lot of people are from Chicago. Claire did a nice job showing the city, describing where things are and why things are so special. It was really cool how she described Chicago as being a place where people can openly express themselves through various art pieces, this truly inspires me. She then went on to talk about the history of Chicago and how the media portrays the city. She really focused on the sports teams and how they bring so much attention to the city because they are so good! Overall Claire did a really nice job, this makes me look forward to visiting Chicago even more.


Movie discussion summary

On Monday I was really able to get a lot of different perspectives about the three movies we are reviewing in class. Overall, the movies were good, the people that I was able to talk to really liked Wall-E and thought Helvetica was really boring, which is completely understandable.

The 5 key ideas/questions I got from that was;

  1. About half of the people had actually watched the movies, which led to some difference of opinions when it came to actually watching it vs reading reviews. This gave me the idea to read the reviews as well so I could have both perspectives while writing.
  2. A question that I had was how can I make 3 different movies, come together with the one central idea, design?
  3. Another question I had was when writing, how do I not give a word for word synopsis of the movie, but overview it enough to where I can blend in the story with my writing.
  4. A key idea that I had was to make sure that I saved my picture of the worksheet on Monday, so that way when I write, I can see the difference between what I said Monday before talking, and then what I said after talking to others.
  5. Another question I got was how long should the paper be? Most averaged between 1-2 pages.

Analysis 5+6

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First of all I would like to say, wow. Seth Gadbios absolutely killed this video. He followed everything from process, to human experience, to consumerism, to social, business, and cultural aspects, to how it is influenced in the media. The reason I mentioned all of that first is so I could spend some time talking about what this movie is really about. First, I didn’t even know this was a thing, making a coin in to a ring? How cool is that! I would love one of these things. Second, Seth made sure he went in to detail on each aspect, whether it was talking about how his family has been making these for years or describing the history of coins and their importance of design in respect to countries origins. Right, a lot to take in, but he did it in such a way that it was perfectly understandable and really made me interested. Overall Seth killed it and the ring is really cool.

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The next video I reviewed was William Borders, awesome last name. This movie immediately caught my attention when I saw what it was about. If you haven’t figured this out by now, I am a huge UK fan, especially when it comes to basketball.William did a great job describing each aspect of the movie carefully, also the music in the background was awesome. He started out by talking about when it was built and the original design of rupp. He then went on to describe how much of an impact rupp has on central Kentucky, we live for basketball and he made that very clear in his video. William also did a great job describing how much of an impact has on social, business, and cultural factors, by showing how rupp is a world-wide known arena, it hosts games, concerts, and even monster truck jams! Overall I really enjoyed Williams video on Rupp arena!

Consumer Product

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Our groups product was Coca-cola. A little background on this product, Coca-cola is the most popular brand of soda in the entire world. It still pulls in the most money out of any soda, world-wide. Coke was found in 1886, and was discovered in the heart Atlanta. There are manufacturing plants for Coke all across the country, dispensing coke all over the world. Coke, being a world-wide brand, is in over 200 countries. It is sold through restaurants, grocery stores, gas stations, airports, etc. Basically, you can find coke anywhere convenience products are sold. Design has always been so important to Coca-cola. Although they have remained fairly consistent over the course of their 230 year life, they make sure to switch things up at times. Whether its the design of the coke bottle itself, or if it is their logo, Coke does a great job with their design.

Analysis 3+4

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For my 3rd movie I was able to review Ellie Hollons video. It was all about rupp arena and how amazing it is. Which in my opinion, it is the best college basketball arena in the country. To start off Ellie focused on the structure of rupp and how it was built so that it allows fans and anyone entering rupp arena to easily find their seat, and provide them with a safe experience. She then moved on to talk about human experience. Ellie did a great job describing all the different kinds of events that go on with rupp arena. Obviously starting off with the world famous Kentucky basketball, to concerts, graduations, etc. Rupp holds a special place in Lexington. Ellie then went on to describe all the businesses that surround rupp and how they thrive due to all the people that go to rupp for games or concerts. Overall it was a great piece on rupp and how valuable it is to the city of Lexington.

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For my fourth movie I was able to watch another movie about ray-bans by Mitchell Taplan! Mitchell did a great job, after this being my 2nd movie about ray-bans I have gone online and bought a pair because they look so cool! Mitchell started off with a very cool look at a spinning pair of ray-bans. They were black all over, very sleek. He then went on to describe the process of making them, which is a lot more complicated than you would think. On a side note he used a great song thats entitled ray-bans, thats genius! After describing the process, he went on to show how popular these sun glasses really are. So many celebrities wear them. There were at least 20 images on his video that showed a list celebrities rocking the ray-bans. Mitchell went on to describe how we as a culture use these sunglasses, not only because of their design but because they are so popular world wide. Overall it was another great movie describing the use of ray-ban sunglasses!

Analysis 1+2

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For the first movie I reviewed, I was able to watch a great info session about aviator ray-bands. Everything was there, Lauren started out with how they are processed and was able to specify what product she was working on. Her voice was clear and understandable. She then covered human experience. It was very cool to see how many people in the world where these glasses. It actually influenced me to want to buy a pair! She then branched off and explained how it is portrayed in the business world, the social world, and the cultural world. The fact that all kinds of celebrities wear these while singing or even acting is crazy. When talking about the media influence Lauren did a great job describing how the media influences our decisions when it comes to buying these glasses. They have portrayed them as cool, so their sales are through the roof with aviators.

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The next movie I got to watch was made by Tolan Franklin, he absolutely killed it. Just from watching the movie, the pictures he added were absolutely beautiful. Chicago has always been a place I want to visit and after watching this I am even more excited to go! First, Tolan was describing the landscape of the city and the process of how it was made. He was describing the willis tower, the bean, the pier and all its attractions, and generally the city and how the buildings were built. Then he moved on to all the experiences that people have in relation to these attractions, it looks like a bunch of fun. He then shifted the entire video in to a serious discussion about how the media portrays Chicago. Unfortunately, they like to only talk about the bad things like killings, robberies, and gang violence within the inner city.