The Oscars

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Should We Be Upset With The Oscars?

The first and most obvious way design was brought to the oscars was the clothing of the multi-million dollar stars. For example, the host Chris Rock was wearing an all white suit, with black outlines and black shoes. Interesting choice of clothing considering all he did that night was talk about “black lives matter”.

Second, the stage was full of candles, with a centerpiece behind the speakers. I think this was done to show how classy the event is.

Third, there were various screens of different shapes and sizes around the entire stage. Some had constant graphics on them and some showed clips from the nominated movies. Throughout the night some of the screens would shift across the stage while others just stayed put.

Fourth, the design of the oscar award itself is very interesting. With its gold outer layer along with the brown base, the contrast between colors seems perfect. The design of the man staring off in to the distance with its arms crossed is a symbol of a lifetime achievement to these actors.

Fifth and finally, the layout of the auditorium and how they designed the chairs, isles, and balcony all fits in to one central idea; class. The oscars are for the higher ups in this world who appreciate attention to detail, along with subtle hints of perfection.

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