Analysis 1+2

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For the first movie I reviewed, I was able to watch a great info session about aviator ray-bands. Everything was there, Lauren started out with how they are processed and was able to specify what product she was working on. Her voice was clear and understandable. She then covered human experience. It was very cool to see how many people in the world where these glasses. It actually influenced me to want to buy a pair! She then branched off and explained how it is portrayed in the business world, the social world, and the cultural world. The fact that all kinds of celebrities wear these while singing or even acting is crazy. When talking about the media influence Lauren did a great job describing how the media influences our decisions when it comes to buying these glasses. They have portrayed them as cool, so their sales are through the roof with aviators.

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The next movie I got to watch was made by Tolan Franklin, he absolutely killed it. Just from watching the movie, the pictures he added were absolutely beautiful. Chicago has always been a place I want to visit and after watching this I am even more excited to go! First, Tolan was describing the landscape of the city and the process of how it was made. He was describing the willis tower, the bean, the pier and all its attractions, and generally the city and how the buildings were built. Then he moved on to all the experiences that people have in relation to these attractions, it looks like a bunch of fun. He then shifted the entire video in to a serious discussion about how the media portrays Chicago. Unfortunately, they like to only talk about the bad things like killings, robberies, and gang violence within the inner city.

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