Analysis 3+4

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For my 3rd movie I was able to review Ellie Hollons video. It was all about rupp arena and how amazing it is. Which in my opinion, it is the best college basketball arena in the country. To start off Ellie focused on the structure of rupp and how it was built so that it allows fans and anyone entering rupp arena to easily find their seat, and provide them with a safe experience. She then moved on to talk about human experience. Ellie did a great job describing all the different kinds of events that go on with rupp arena. Obviously starting off with the world famous Kentucky basketball, to concerts, graduations, etc. Rupp holds a special place in Lexington. Ellie then went on to describe all the businesses that surround rupp and how they thrive due to all the people that go to rupp for games or concerts. Overall it was a great piece on rupp and how valuable it is to the city of Lexington.

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For my fourth movie I was able to watch another movie about ray-bans by Mitchell Taplan! Mitchell did a great job, after this being my 2nd movie about ray-bans I have gone online and bought a pair because they look so cool! Mitchell started off with a very cool look at a spinning pair of ray-bans. They were black all over, very sleek. He then went on to describe the process of making them, which is a lot more complicated than you would think. On a side note he used a great song thats entitled ray-bans, thats genius! After describing the process, he went on to show how popular these sun glasses really are. So many celebrities wear them. There were at least 20 images on his video that showed a list celebrities rocking the ray-bans. Mitchell went on to describe how we as a culture use these sunglasses, not only because of their design but because they are so popular world wide. Overall it was another great movie describing the use of ray-ban sunglasses!

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