Consumer Product

Screen Shot 2016-03-27 at 10.10.40 PM.png

Our groups product was Coca-cola. A little background on this product, Coca-cola is the most popular brand of soda in the entire world. It still pulls in the most money out of any soda, world-wide. Coke was found in 1886, and was discovered in the heart Atlanta. There are manufacturing plants for Coke all across the country, dispensing coke all over the world. Coke, being a world-wide brand, is in over 200 countries. It is sold through restaurants, grocery stores, gas stations, airports, etc. Basically, you can find coke anywhere convenience products are sold. Design has always been so important to Coca-cola. Although they have remained fairly consistent over the course of their 230 year life, they make sure to switch things up at times. Whether its the design of the coke bottle itself, or if it is their logo, Coke does a great job with their design.

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