Analysis 7+8

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For my 7th movie review I was able to watch Reba’s awesome take on infinity shoes. She did a great job hitting on every single point with extreme detail. At first I was a bit thrown off because I saw cheerleaders, and I thought to myself, this isn’t an object. But really it was a great introduction. Cheerleaders are the ones who purchase these shoes, because they are processed to weigh 3.9 oz. That is insane,  the fact that you can wear a shoe that weighs that little. She then went on to describe the business/social/cultural aspects involved with the shoes. By having these lightweight shoes so popular, this brand was able to create new product lines like backpacks. She then went on to describe how awesome of a social media game they have. With over 62 thousand followers, this is the easiest way to reach their customers, it also gives them access to a bunch of potential ones. Overall Reba killed t, she hit on all the main points and I learned a lot about infinity shoes.

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For my 8th movie reviewI was able to watch Claires awesome movie on Chicago. This was actually the second Chicago movie in our group, which is really interesting because I know a lot of people who were born in Chicago. That being said it seems like a lot of people are from Chicago. Claire did a nice job showing the city, describing where things are and why things are so special. It was really cool how she described Chicago as being a place where people can openly express themselves through various art pieces, this truly inspires me. She then went on to talk about the history of Chicago and how the media portrays the city. She really focused on the sports teams and how they bring so much attention to the city because they are so good! Overall Claire did a really nice job, this makes me look forward to visiting Chicago even more.

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