Movie discussion summary

On Monday I was really able to get a lot of different perspectives about the three movies we are reviewing in class. Overall, the movies were good, the people that I was able to talk to really liked Wall-E and thought Helvetica was really boring, which is completely understandable.

The 5 key ideas/questions I got from that was;

  1. About half of the people had actually watched the movies, which led to some difference of opinions when it came to actually watching it vs reading reviews. This gave me the idea to read the reviews as well so I could have both perspectives while writing.
  2. A question that I had was how can I make 3 different movies, come together with the one central idea, design?
  3. Another question I had was when writing, how do I not give a word for word synopsis of the movie, but overview it enough to where I can blend in the story with my writing.
  4. A key idea that I had was to make sure that I saved my picture of the worksheet on Monday, so that way when I write, I can see the difference between what I said Monday before talking, and then what I said after talking to others.
  5. Another question I got was how long should the paper be? Most averaged between 1-2 pages.

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