Museum of me


The museum of me consists of these 10 artifacts:

  1. My backpack
  2. My Macbook Pro laptop
  3. My Playstation 4
  4. My UK Nike basketball
  5. My Nike football
  6. My iPhone 6+
  7. My wallet
  8. My keychain
  9. My black UK hat
  10. My TV

These artifacts tell a lot about me. My backpack and my laptop say that I am dedicated to school, it is number one for me. The playstation 4 says that I like to take a few breaks here and there, wind down and play video games. My UK nike basketball and my nike football says I love sports, I love watching them and playing them. My iPhone 6+ says that I love technology, and seriously, who can write artifacts describing themselves without talking about their phone? My wallet and my keychain at first glance don’t really say much at first, on the outside everyone has a wallet and a keychain right? But for me they are a lot more special then that, within my wallet I have pictures of my loved ones that I look at whenever I am down and it picks me up. With my keychain, this is the last thing I have that reminds me of my papaw, he died a few years back and I was able to keep his UK keychain. My black UK hat says a lot about me, although I do have a ton of hats, I wear this one the most. It represents my dream school, and wearing a hat is really who I am. My Tv says that I love watching tv, whether its sports, tv shows, the news, etc. There really isn’t to much thought in to design when it comes to these artifacts, they are all pretty simple. But I would say some of the most important aspects of design used are the logos on my computer, hat, football, basketball, and my iPhone. These logos (Apple and Nike) really shows what I care about in terms of technology and sports. Truth be told thats really all I use when it comes to artifacts. As far of my views and values go, the design represents that I like the simple look, but the quality brand.

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