Design Profile 1-2

Designer 1:

Mark O’Bryan, he graduated from the University of Kentucky in the school of Architecture. For Mark, it all started with his love of stereo systems and cameras and from then on he was always curious about how things are constructed, and how can you construct something with a great design as well. Mark likes a lot of old fashioned things, preferably from the 1960s. Therefore he sees design going in a bit of  a remodeled version of design from the old. What I got from Mark was that, it’s not always about whats there, but its about what you can add/build on to it to make the design truly great.

Designer 2:

Jennifer Tate, she graduated from UNC Greensboro with a material agriculture degree. Jennifer now works for  LG in New York while also having other small design projects on the side. When listening to Jenifer she seemed much more modern than Mark, which ultimately is their main difference. Jennifer sees design really being focused on wearables, with new technology. She also said her favorite social media tool was Instagram because of all the cool things it allows you to do with your pictures. It was interesting to hear how she described the future of design because, being young, she knows how to take advantage of our generation and design things catered to our style.

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