Design Profile 3-4

Designer 3:

Scarlet Wesley, she currently works at the University of Kentucky working right next door at Erikson Hall, she teaches working in merchandising and textiles, and brand management. She got her masters degree and PHD at Tennessee. Her first job when she moved to Connecticut was allocation and planning at a store like Walmart. From her experience she landed a job at Legos in their corporate office. Overall she took away a new outlook on design for products, and how the choices are made to put certain products in certain stores. She was also able to take away a new aspect of life through her experiences. She was able to talk about where she thinks design is going to go, wrapping it up she was very adamant about the brands sort of going away and we are now able to choose more things that we like instead of associating with a certain brand.

Designer 4:

Ebrahim Poustinchi, is a part of the UK faculty working with interior design, doing interesting products with robotic designs and much more smaller projects. He went to the University of Iran studying architecture and digital design. He has taught at UCLA and Washington state, now he finds himself here! First off, wow. The kind of projects that he is a part of is absolutely amazing, and much more abstract and different than the norm. Ebrahim is very modern and extremely different that Scarlet because they work on completely different aspects. Scarlet works with the business side while Ebrahim works on full frontal design. From what I can see, Ebrahim sees the future of design as far as making things look and feel more exotic. With all his projects he is doing great things in the world of design.


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