Designer Profiles 5-6

Designer 5:

Ryan Hargrove, he works in the department of landscape architecture at UK. He also went to UK as an undergrad student, his story was very interesting about how he learned about landscape architecture, it’s awesome to see how things work out. Ryan says that his mother and father were huge influences growing up allowing him to be very creative and engage in critical thinking at a young age. It is really cool to see how Ryan and his team is able to look at a vacant lot and design it to plan for the next 50 years. As far as what’s next for design, Ryan says that we are all designers, it is a way of life, and it is up to us to take the torch and improve design every day, he also sees landscape as the umbrella over design.

Designer 6:

Sarah Daley, she was an architecture major and anthropology minor at the University of Kentucky. She just moved back to Louisville from her internship in Chicago. She is currently an interpretive designer who collects a lot of information relative to design and decides how it should be interpreted within the media. Sarah currently feels that design is definitely a part of everything that we do and that every day we should stop to realize how big of an influence it has on our lives. Technology design is what she sees design heading to, Sarah described how information is used with technology and that there will be a lot of interesting connections between the two. Sarah and Brian have quite a bit in common with their outlook on design which is interesting because their jobs are so different.


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