Designer Profile 7-8

Designer 7:

Melody Jackson, she started her college career studying pre-med, but then she got inspired by Leonardo DaVinci, she then transferred to the architecture school at the University of Kentucky.  After she graduated from UK she went to Cornell University for grad school. After grad school, Melody really got in to painting, the way she describes her thought process while painting is amazing. There is really no restrictions for her, she just paints what inspires her. Her current stance on design is that it is a journey, it doesn’t really matter where you are going, all that matters is what you see when you’re on the way. Her famous quote is “Exactly what you expected: something unexpected”. Melody’s future of design has a lot to do with Virtual reality, soon you will be able to physically design something right in front of you.

Designer 8:

Lindsey Fay, teaches at the school of interior here at the University of Kentucky. She is originally from the state of Pennsylvania, but she came to UK for college for nutritional school. While in school she couldn’t really express herself, so she switched her major to architecture. She does quite a bit of research in relation to architecture design, one of her recent projects was to see how the medical buildings were designed, and how people were interacting with the design. Her current stance on design is that people have the power to influence the way design is right now, without us there is no design. She sees design in the future heading towards social responsibility in design. She believes we will have the power with design to make the world a better place. It is interesting to see the difference between these designers, Melody is on a really large scale, broadening her projects while Lindsey was pretty central, focused on architecture.


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