Designer profile 9-10

Designer 9:

Adriane Grumbein, she works in the Integrated strategic communications, within the communications college at the University of Kentucky. When Adriane was an undergrad, she was an art major, realized it really wasn’t for her so she changed to a integrated communications major with a graphic design minor. Currently, Adriane believes that design is all about problem solving, you must organize information visually and put it in to practice. “Design is also about working with a client trying to solve their problem, it is not always pretty, but that’s really not the point”.  Adriane believes that the future of design is heading towards big data, infographics, and personalization. She says that the designer is the interpreter between the big data and pretty pictures, really what she means by that, is being able to influence people through their data to buy something or be intrigued by something that the designer creates. Adriane was really cool, she got straight to the point and I can tell she is very serious about her work.

Designer 10:

Julie Sniadowski, she is currently our TA, and a graduate student here at the University of Kentucky. She also did her undergrad here, something really great was that she was able to attend the governors school of art in Virginia. While an undergrad she went to study abroad in Paris and Rome. While there she had a project to create a building that would fit in with the design style of these places. She finds a lot of pleasure working on design projects. After graduate school Julie is looking at various internships  that would benefit her in the design field. I didn’t really here her say where she sees design now, but if I had to guess she seems very passionate about creating new things and making design something beautiful. Julie sees design heading for a lot more collaboration with other fields like engineering for example. In order for any field to grow design has to be an intricate part in it, without a good design it is hard for something to grow correctly. Between the two, they were very different. Julie was more about creation of something pretty while Adriane was more on the business side creating something that will sell.


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