Designer 11-12

Designer 11:

Rebekah Radtke, an assistant professor at the University of Kentucky school of interior. One of the few designers who started and finished her undergrad with the same major, interior design. She then went on to get her masters in Architecture. She explained her current stance on design by saying that its about people, interior spaces are everywhere, its a collaborative field, empathetic, optimistic, and experimental. And as far as design in the future, it lies with the people in our class. “Some of us want to be designers while others don’t but eve if we pursue different occupations, we can still collaborate in solving problems”. She also said “we need people who aren’t designers to appreciate design”.

Designer 12:

Anne Filson, she was originally a history major in her undergrad studies and then moved on to get her masters in architecture. She now works in the School of Architecture here at UK. She was actually able to do something amazing, to go to Europe and work with a famous designer. Her current stance on design is “design is a part of the everyday world and no design is a bad design”. She worked with IDEO and did multiple design projects. Anne has also done research on AtFAB, an on-site fabrication project. As far as where she sees the future in design, she says that stories will be able to fabricate their own furniture through different programs and machines to keep industry in the U.S. Anne was great, but really I couldn’t find any similarities between the designers, they both studied very different subjects.


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