If you build it

First, I would like to say that I thoroughly enjoyed watching this documentary. It was a feel good story that allowed us to see life from a totally different perspective, I really enjoy things that challenge my mind to think differently. Second, it was a great way to see design as a form of advocacy. The fact that those students were inspired and motivated enough to work on various projects and think critically really advocates for how design works. Design allowed these students who are basically living in the middle of nowhere in North Carolina to change their thinking. Before high school kids aren’t really inspired to do anything because they usually end right back up working on their families farms. But this design class showed how design isn’t boring, its active, fun, interacting, and most importantly different. All the kids had nothing but nice things to say about the program, and I’m sure it gave them a whole new outlook on life. It is important that people see design this way because its not just a bunch of weirdos making weird things. It is life changing if you allow yourself to open up to the idea of design. People also need to wake up and see how design is life changing, another way this movie advocates for design is that even though they accomplished so much, there was still no money in the budget to afford it. There has to be a way to find money to afford such an amazing program. This doesn’t just go for Bertie, North Carolina, it goes for school districts across the world. Allowing your school to have a design program lets students do something fun and learn in a way that is 1,000,000,000… times better than learning in a book and listening to a lecture for hours. The documentary was great, I really hope people can watch this and see how important design is.


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